"Prior to chiropractic care, I suffered from severe knee pain and lower back pain. I always thought I had arthritis in my knees. Dr. John explained to me that it was a skeletal problem and not arthritis. I was amazed at how quickly I was able to become pain free. Once I was out of knee pain and in proper alignment, I found my bowling average improved! I find that when I’m adjusted on a regular basis, I am able to remain pain free and have increased energy. I never thought that I would have more energy from chiropractic care. I also found I am sleeping much better. My mind and body feel healthier than they have in a long time.

I have referred many friends and family members to Steel City Chiropractic. My 14-year-old daughter is also a patient. She has suffered from migraines for the past few years. She has not had one since she’s been coming here. She also has scoliosis that has never really been a problem for her, but since coming for regular adjustments, Dr. John has slowly been able to correct her spine. She has noticed that this has helped her posture tremendously! My family has attended a couple of Dr. John’s health talks and has really learned a lot from them. It’s also nice to go to a doctor who has such a pleasant and caring team greeting you when you walk in the door. I recommend Dr. John because he is a wonderful healer, educator, friend and human being!

Thank you, Dr. John!"

John Husar